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Staying Ahead of the Curve: Understanding the Latest Cyber Risks for Financial Services in Asia

The financial services industry continues to be one of the most widely attacked industries in the world, and the number of attacks shows signs of growing. The rise of the digital economy in Asia means most financial services companies are facing a rapidly expanding attack surface. Recent research from Akamai observed a whopping 3.5x growth in web app and API attacks against financial services. The research also noted the alarming speed at which attackers are leveraging zero-day vulnerabilities to target financial services organizations. 

Making sense of new or complex cyber-attacks is a challenge, but it can be even harder to rapidly adapt or scale your security protections in response.  Sharing intel and best practices with industry peers is a big part of addressing these new challenges. We will also share advice on: 

·         Keeping your APIs secure in the face of increased attack activity

·         Planning ahead for the next zero-day vulnerability

·         Mitigating DDoS attacks based on learnings from the resurgence of attacks over the last year

·         Implementing segmentation to help stop ransomware attacks and address regulatory requirements

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