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Invitation to Online Webinar: Discussion on trends in privacy regulations in Asia Pacific 20 Sep 2023 9:30 AM – 10:15 AM.

This insightful session will shed light on the ever-evolving landscape of privacy regulations and provide valuable guidance on navigating them successfully. You will also understand how to build a flexible and scalable data governance framework that can effectively meet multiple privacy regulations and help future-proof your business.

Our expert panellists include:
1) Ms Mel Migrino, Chairman and President, WiSAP2
2) Mr Yew Kuann Cheng, Regional VP, Asia Pacific, PCI SSC
3) Mr Prabhu Narayanan, VP – Data Security Governance, SISA

Register now at:…/841…/WN_4HilBF6gSR2YgaSxUekxAg

Key Takeaways:

a. The need for laws and regulations to protect sensitive data. And the increasing number of privacy laws across various countries.
b. List a few current and upcoming privacy laws and identify the trends on how they are evolving and shaping up, respectively.
c. The Role of Data governance. Begin your journey with Data Assessment/data classification.
d. How to build a flexible and scalable data governance framework to meet multiple privacy regulations and become future proof.

This webinar will help you gain insights and navigate the ever-changing privacy landscape effectively.

Live Panel : Trends In Privacy Regulations in Asia Pacific and the Role of Data Governance